How Can You Make Money From Ice?

Published: 28th January 2011
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Ice vending has become a business instead of just a machine to dispense ice cubes to quench the thirst on a hot sunny day. Ice vending has in fact become a lucrative business by taking advantage of people's constant need to have ice cold drinks on a hot day.

For the uninitiated, an ice vending machine is a machine that makes ice, it's as simple as that. Some machines can even purify water to be safe for consumption, and then it dispenses this for a sum too. By having one of this, you need not invest in expensive filters if you intend to use the water for your own consumption. It is also environmentally friendly and will not burn a hole in your pocket when it comes to paying the electricity bills. Depending on the model whether it is meant for business or personal use, these machines can be light and portable. You can easily shift them from place to place. The water and ice made are safe as the machines are usually made of stainless steel. So you need not worry about drinking water contaminated with rust.

You will not end up with ice wastage if you opt to use the ice vending machine as a source of income. Your customers are allowed to select the amount of water or ice that they want to purchase, so this results in a cost-saving move for both you and the customers. There isn't a huge cost setup as well; you would just have to pay for the rental of the machine and then there is the water source and the electrical setups, which wouldn't be very costly. Some companies even allow payment by debit or credit card. These parts do not spoil easily and seldom need replacement, for they are made of aluminium and stainless steel, and therefore are built to last.

Ice vending machines are a good source of income as they trade essential items - drinking water and ice, which is a great combination. Anyone with a business premise can have one and let it generate income in the background.

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