Internet Marketing's Barriers

Published: 06th April 2010
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Internet marketing has risen up the selling volume rapidly. It has proved that it is a worthy investment to most companies. Though internet marketing is a current trend, it is still facing many technical barriers after all. Internet only can function effectively when and if deliver sources and receiving points are well connected. Therefore, both companies and clients need to cooperate so that they can fulfill each other's wants and needs.

The basic requirement of e-marketing is the basic knowledge of using an internet browser. Though internet might be popular and familiar in 21st century, it stills an obscure to some consumers. Internet seems to be more preferable to young generation. Old people may never use computer in their lives. Thus, newspaper and TV can still remain certain value in the market. In order to deliver the content properly, consumers need to use the modern media with high speed of internet connection. Low internet connection may lead to errors or webpage cannot be displayed. Sometimes, there will be a certain cost to enjoy a smooth internet browser service.

Though internet marketing has created an e-commercial market worldwide, e-buying is not an ideal shopping method. There are many elements affect consumers perspective toward the issue. First of all, it is hard to find a reliable supplier. Since there are a lot of bad experiences and cases through e-buying, consumers may lose their faiths on internet advertising. They will have doubt on the information that the websites provided. As the non-refundable policy in many companies, the impossibility to ensure quality of the product is unacceptable to some customers. To female clients, the sense of touch, feel and see cannot be missed out as well. Facing this difficulty, many companies have come out with new strategy and policy to gain back the consumers preference.

Moreover, security is the other concern of consumers. The money exchange through online banking is taking a high risk on exposing your credit card details. The failure to perform an elaborate service may be the biggest disadvantage of all. Thus, e- commercial market is still under development.

Many progress need to be made on internet marketing system but internet marketing predictably maintains on its hot spot for next few centuries.

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