Visiting Cirque De Gavarnie

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Published: 04th January 2011
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Cirque the Gavarnie is one of the wonderful nature sites in the Pyrenees mountains. Many tourists flock to the Cirque de Gavarnie area all year long. Excellent summer weather, suitable for hiking the Pyrenees Mountains and in winter can be found in many ski resorts.

In this article you will find instructions on how to reach the Gavarnie Cirque from other major tourist sites and cities in French Pyrenees Mountains.

From Pau Airport to Cirque the Gavarnie:
By car: Take the A64 motorway in direction for Toulouse, Tarbes or Lourdes. After about 20 kilometers, take the direction for Lourdes. From there the route becomes a normal first class. Follow it for the next 80 kilometers. After Lourdes you will see plenty of signs for the village of Gavarnie.
By bus: The Pau Airport offers bus to Tarbes and Lourdes, but in off-the season times it's available only for group travels. It's cost 8 Euros. From Tarbes and Lourdes bus stations you can get a coach for about 5 Euros for Gavarnie. The coaches are really frequent- you will wait no more than half an hour.
From Pau airport you can get a coach for 1 euro to the centre of the city and just outside of the coach station. The bus ticket for Gavarnie is between 14 and 18 Euros, depending on single/group ticket, or some other discounts. You should ask about them. In that particular region of France, most of the personal and normal people speak good English. The bus frequency may vary, but it's usually no more than one on every two hours.
By train: There is frequent trains, leaving every one or two hours from the train station of Pau (you can get there by the 1 euro coach from Pau Airport) to Lourdes and Tarbes. The single ticket is between 5 and 12 Euros, but it may vary for group tickets and children tickets and the time of traveling. From Lourdes and Tarbes exists well support network of buses and coaches to Gavarnie.

From Tarbes to Cirque the Gavarnie:
By car: is best to start, by passing by the A64 motorway (if you come from the centre of the city), but take the direction for Pau & Lourdes. After 1-2 kilometers, you will see the branch for Lourdes. From there the route is simple- it will take you to Lourdes and after that- to Gavarnie. Your route will always have name with "D" followed by 3 numbers. They change, but don't worry- this is your route!
By bus: From the central city bus station exists a lot of frequent bus and coach connections to Gavarnie. The price may again vary but its between 6 and 10 Euros.
By train: From the Tarbes railway station you can find connections with Lourdes. The group ticket in the winter season (min of 5 men) is really cheap- only 2 Euros. So you better get such ticket and find people in the station, which will travel with you. This is a common practice in France. The normal ticket is 5 euro. From Lourdes take the coach to Gavarnie. The Tarbes and Lourdes does not have a TGV train network.

From Artouste to Cirque the Gavarnie:
By car: Take the D918 for Argele-Gazost. From there change to D921 for Gavarnie.
By bus: You can take a bus for Peu. They are cheap, on a regular basis. From Pau you can take the train to Lourdes, and then bus, or to Gavarnie. The price of the bus for Pau is 4 euros, the train tickets may vary- from 5 to 12 euros, and the bus from Lourdes is 5 euros.

From pont D'Espange to Cirque the Gavarnie:
By car: Take the D920a for Villelongue.

From there change to D921 for Gavarnie. The road is full with signs that will guide you and it's only 30-40 minutes until you get to Gavarnie.
You can call a taxy from the restaurant, to take you to Cauterets and this will cost you 15 Euros. You can also walk to Cauterets (1 hour) and from there you can take a coach.

From Lourdes to Cirque the Gavarnie:
By car: The road from Lourdes to Gavarnie is the main road to Gavarnie. It's full with signs and it has good support even in winter, so the weather is not problem. Just take D913 and in Villengue change to D921. It takes half an hour.
By bus: The coach to Gavarnie is 5 euros, using the Gavarnie coach line. It's frequent- one coach, every half or full hour, using the Maligne des Gaves bus connection.

From Cauterets to Cirque the Gavarnie:
By car: Take the D920a route and change in Villelongie to D921 for Gavarnie
By bus: There is no direct bus connection between Cauterets and Gavarnie. You must take the regular coach service between Cauterets and Lourdes, which will cost you 2 euros. From Lourdes, take the Maligne des Gaves bus connection to Gavarnie.
By train: You should take the TGV train to Lourdes and then change to Gavarnie. There are about 3 trains a day, with ticket prices about 8 euros.

From bayonne to Cirque the Gavarnie:
By car: Take the A64 motorway for Tarbes. Before the connections with the city, change to Julian and Lourdes on D914 route. The toll for the motorway will be about 10 euros. Continue to the D921 and you will see that it end directly in Gavarnie.
By bus: Bayyone does not have direct connection bus connection with Gavarnie. The best will be to take the bus line to Lourdes(every two hours) and from there to take the local coaches. The cost of the bus is 12 euros.
By train: Bayyone does not actually have a train station, but you can use the Dax train station wich is 10 minutes from the centre of Bayyone with a coach for 1 euro. On a daily basis there are 5-6 trains, going to Lourdes and the ticket will cost you 30 euros. From Lourdes you can use the local coach service for 5 Euros.

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