Ways to Make Learning a Fun and Enjoyable Process

Published: 13th August 2010
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Students these days dread school and tuition classes. They tend to hate it when Monday arrives. Most students find school or tuition a dreading and boring, tiresome as well as a dull place to be. This is considered a bad thing because students spend more than half their day in school and tuition centers. Learning process must be a fun and enjoyable experience.

There are several ways to make learning process a fun and fruitful one for students of all ages. Let's face it, the education system these days are more exam oriented. This can be a bit of a bummer to most students. It also causes students to hate learning. So lets discuss several ways in which we can make learning an enjoyable experience.

First, teachers hold the most important position in passing on knowledge to a student. Thus, a teacher holds the most responsibility in making learning a fun process. The problem with the education system these days that it focuses too much on exams makes the classroom teacher-centered. This means, the teacher will conduct a lecture and students are to take notes and listen. This is a very boring learning process. Teacher can alternate to a student-centered learning process. Here, students can take part and be involved in the learning process. It emphasizes on student participation and it is more flexible and less rigid.

Next, the classroom should be a fun and stress free place. Teachers should make more efforts in preparing study materials for students. Instead of just providing facts in a lecture based teaching process, teacher should opt for other teaching methods. Inquiry based teaching approach is known to be popular and effective. In this method, student's participation is also increased and it focuses more on student perception and awareness on a certain subject matter. Thus, it builds a students ability to think and be creative.

Student-centered learning and inquiry-based learning are ways to allow students to promote their self-esteem and gain knowledge at the same time. The best thing about these two learning processes is that they are fun, enjoyable and effective.

Thus, teachers are advised to opt for other methods of learning such as these two. It will allow students to be more involved and also allow them to love learning. The current exam based education culture is stressful and minimizes a student's potential. It is a teacher's job to ensure that students enjoy learning. After all, learning should be a life long process.

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